Yes, I am now unfortunately a Jaret Wright fan; without that I could not become a Cleveland fan. I also fully admit that I didn't notice Wright had reached the majors until May 10, 1998, and I didn't pay attention that game because John Burkett was pitching a perfect game which ended when I stopped chewing. No kidding. I ate dinner, then chewed gum, and as soon as I chucked the gum Burkett gave up a hit.

God only knows when I first noticed Wright was cute, but I fully admit it was AFTER he became famous, as evidenced above.

He is just so damn cute! I just want to take him home with me!!! He reminds me of a teddy bear...and HAHAHA, he's only two years older than me!!! I keep forgetting to mention the fact that he's a damn good pitcher, if a bit inconsistent this season.

I love this line, from the February 11-17, 1998 issue of Baseball Weekly: "If you don't know who Jaret Wright is by now, you probably weren't watching any baseball last fall (and in that case, what are you doing reading this?)." I'm not sure if this quote includes me because I knew who he was when he was drafted, I just didn't know when he reached the majors. Besides that, my basement probably houses every issue of BBW ever printed.

Vital Stats of Mr. Wright (according to the Indians' official website and other random stuff in my head)

Info for Jaret

Cute line, from Wright joins heroes gallery in the Beacon Journal Online, 4.10.97:

Last but not least, Wright has officially earned the title of stud muffin. ``Ooohhh, I call him Mr. Right for me,'' said Angela Basa, 20, of North Akron.


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Thanks to the Cleveland Indians website and MLB.com for letting me steal their pictures :)